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Christmas Tree Sales


This year starting on December 1, 2006, The Pas Kinsmen will brave the cold and sell Christmas trees. There will also be Ice Fishing Shack tickets available if any are still left, they seem to be going like hot cakes. Each year we purchase approximately 300 trees ranging in price for 5' -7' Sheered Balsam $45.00, 9' - 10' sheered Balsam $60.00, 6' - 7' Scotch Pine $40.00.  This years chair for tree sales Byran Pease.

We have a variety of trees to choose from such as Sheared Balsam and  Scotch Pine.  All come in a variety of heights, there is a limited amount of 9' - 10'. You're sure to find a tree that suits your needs and space requirements.  Proceeds from this project go towards helping find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.