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Adopt-a-Highway Litter Control





For the past few years our club has participated in a cleanup of an 11 kilometre stretch of Highway 287 in Clearwater Provincial Park.  For one Saturday in June, Kinsmen members and their families meet at the lake and attack the ditches armed with gloves and garbage bags.  This year, 2006, TNT Tumblers assisted.  We did the CF Walk at the same time.  Depending on the number of people, each team usually takes a two kilometre stretch of highway and works until all sections have been cleaned up.  It doesn't take long, only a few hours and in no time we will collect over 100 bags of garbage.  With a couple of trucks on hand it's off to the landfill site to drop it all off and our job is done.....time for the BBQ.

A few of our members live out at the lake so it's a good chance for everyone (especially the kids) to get together and enjoy some fresh air and fellowship after a job well done.  If your club is interested in  adopting a highway please contact your local Highways office for information.  Each year we seem to pick up less and less garbage but we urge those that travel the highways to keep their garbage in their vehicles and dispose of it in a proper manner.  We can all help keep Canada beautiful.



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