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District Convention Portage 2007


Theme for this years Convention

Thursday Registration

The Pas boys Darrell & Doug

The Watering Hole Thursday

Colleen, Sid & Paul

My very good friend Anna fellow DG

Portage Kinsmen getting pinned by Colleen Moman

Everyone relaxing from the long road trip

Dryden Kinette Debbie

Barb talking with newly charted Boissevain Kinette President

And here's Johnny with side kick Paul

Bobby from the Dryden Kinettes

Cathy, Sid & Colleen

Colin & Deb having a refreshment

Treherne boys always show up

Rob, Bob & Dave enjoying each others company

Terry giving Kevin a little advice again

This gentleman has a Kin book signed by Hal Rogers

Very precious

Brant needing a bathroom break

Meetings all day Friday

Kevin Bernstrom The Pas

Dryden Kinettes

Gord Patterson telling a story I'm sure

Guest speaker from Brandon with CF

CF luncheon

out going District crew

incoming DG Robyn from Thompson


Guess who (Brandon)

Gord Patterson bought the belt no more fines

Dauphin & Ste Rose du Lac put on a bid for Convention 2008

Incoming District Governors Barb Thompson & Rob Kozak

The Winnipeg Kinsmen lost their flag from their bid for Convention 2008

Saturday afternoon found some of us on a boat tour while others went golfing

our Captain for the afternoon

our first pit stop for sandwiches, home made fries and very cheap beverages

the picture taker

first timers to a Convention Dryden gals they had a great time

Mike very quiet but very much alive

Saturday Night Governors Ball

Jack Rhyner & daughter (sorry can't remember her name)

Dryden Kinettes

Dave Perkins

Guy Madill with Marion Geisler in back ground

out going Governors Sid & Colleen




Dryden Kinettes

Stonewall Kinettes

Stonewall Kinettes - Junior Bulletin Award

Kinsmen Senior Bulletin Award

Stonewall Kinettes - Rose Bowl Award

Stonewall Kinettes - Public Relations Award

Marion Geisler - Kinette Public Speaking Award

Bradley Peters - Kinsmen Public Speaking Award

Wanda Barker - Outstanding Kinette Deputy Governor

Brant Bessant - Outstanding Deputy Governor

Winnipeg Kinsmen receiving the Banner for District Convention 2008 Pirates of the Assiniboine

Mike Atkins pinning Ken Tritthart with his Deputy Governor pin

My friend Annie with a very thought full hug what a wonderful friend, Thanks

all the new incoming Deputy Governors for 2007 - 2008

Rob Kozak & Barb Thompson receiving their District Governor pins


Time to party lets dance


looks tired

first timers learning the Convention Dance

Great Instructor

Darrell and Deb just goofing around

looks like Ken has had a few

More dancing

Kevin had this white shirt on all night no wine stains

Carol Midwinter

Gord telling Barb all about the new BULL he added to his collection

Thank You Portage



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